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Yuru Camp△ OVA

The official Twitter account for the television anime of Afro’s Yurucamp (Yurukyan△, Laid-Back Camp Δ) manga revealed on Saturday that the anime’s first Blu-ray Disc and DVD will feature a “Yuru Camp Episode 0” anime on the disc. The anime will tell a story before Nadeshiko joins the club.

(Source: Anime News Network)

Informasi Anime

Title :Yuru Camp△ OVA
Native :ゆるキャン△ OVA
Romaji :Yuru Camp△ OVA
English :
Status :,
Genres :,
Type :
Rating :74% / 100%
Duration :8 Minutes
Total Eps :3 Episodes
Studio :
Seasons :,
Source :MANGA

Trailer Anime

Daftar Episode

Episodes not available yet.
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