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Yozakura Quartet: Tsuki ni Naku

“Tsuki ni Naku” will take the story content from volume 11 of the manga, which features a visit to an onsen by the members of the Hiizumi Life Councelling Office, while the town’s police force have to deal with a new youkai-hunter threat.
This OVA is bundled with the limited edition of the manga (14th, 15th, and 16th).

Informasi Anime

Title :Yozakura Quartet: Tsuki ni Naku
Native :夜桜四重奏 ツキニナク
Romaji :Yozakura Quartet: Tsuki ni Naku
English :
Status :,
Genres :, ,
Type :
Rating :73% / 100%
Duration :28 Minutes
Total Eps :3 Episodes
Studio :,
Seasons :,
Source :MANGA

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