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Yowamushi Pedal: NEW GENERATION

After defeating the formidable opponent Hakone Gakuen in the national tournament “Inter-High,” senior members of Sohoku High — Kinjo, Makishima, and Tadokoro — are about to retire, and the team reorganizes with first-year members (Onoda, Imaizumi, and Naruko) under the leadership of Teshima as team captain and Aoyagi as vice captain. Meanwhile, Hakone Gakuen is reorganizing and recruiting as well in order to retake the championship, while Kyoto Fushimi High is now led by “monster racer” Midousuji.

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Title :Yowamushi Pedal: NEW GENERATION
Romaji :Yowamushi Pedal: NEW GENERATION
English :
Status :,
Genres :,
Type :
Rating :74% / 100%
Duration :24 Minutes
Total Eps :25 Episodes
Studio :
Seasons :
Source :MANGA

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