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ViVid Strike!

Raised up in the same orphanage, Fuuka and Rinne were once close friends but parted ways after a quarrel ended up with Rinne overwhelming Fuuka with her martial art skills. Fuuka lived a life of poverty after leaving the orphanage but an accidental encounter with renowned martial arts champion Einhard Stratos leads to the discovery of Fuuka’s hidden talent in fighting. Einhard offers Fuuka a job and through his coaching and encouragement, she is set to meet Rinne again, in the ring.

Informasi Anime

Title : ViVid Strike!
Native : ViVid Strike!
Romaji : ViVid Strike!
English : ViVid Strike!
Status : ,
Genres : , , ,
Type :
Rating : 67% / 100%
Duration : 24 Minutes
Total Eps : 12 Episodes
Studio : ,
Seasons : ,

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