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Toji no Miko

63% |

Since ancient times, shrine maidens who wield swords have been exorcising “aratama,” strange existences that threaten the human world. These young women who wear school uniforms and a sword are called “Toji,” and they serve as an official unit within the police force as a “special religious service police squad.” The government authorizes the Toji to wear swords and serve as government officials, and the government has set up five schools throughout the country for the girls to attend. The girls live ordinary school lives, while occasionally performing their duties, wielding their swords and using various powers to fight and protect the people.

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Informasi Anime

Title : Toji no Miko
Native : 刀使ノ巫女
Romaji : Toji no Miko
English : Katana Maidens ~ Toji No Miko
Status : ,
Genres : ,
Type :
Rating : 63% / 100%
Duration : 24 Minutes
Total Eps : 24 Episodes
Studio :
Seasons :

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