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Love Live! School idol project 2nd Season

76% |

The second season of Love Live! School idol project.

At the intersection of three cities—Akihabara, Kanda, and Jinbocho—the traditional Otonokizaka High was facing a crisis of being closed down. Second-year student, Honoka Kosaka, decided to become a school idol, a trend that has been growing in popularity, in order to increase the number of students applying for her school. With her childhood friends, Kotori Minami and Umi Sonoda, they combined their efforts to form the group, μ’s.

A while later, Maki Nishikino, a songwriter, Hanayo Koizumi, who always dreamed of being a school idol, Rin Hoshizora, Hanayo’s friend, and Nico Yazawa, the president of the Idol Study Club, joined the group, all with the aim of entering the school idol festival, Love Live.

Additionally, Eli Ayase, the student council president, and Nozomi Tojo, the student council vice president, joined μ’s, bringing the group to a total of nine members. After overcoming many problems, ranging from the closing of the school to Kotori’s study-abroad incident to μ’s going on hiatus, what will the girls aim for next!?

(Source: NIS America)

Informasi Anime

Title : Love Live! School idol project 2nd Season
Native : ラブライブ! School idol project 2期
Romaji : Love Live! School idol project 2nd Season
English : Love Live! School Idol Project 2nd Season
Status : ,
Genres : , ,
Type :
Rating : 76% / 100%
Duration : 23 Minutes
Total Eps : 13 Episodes
Studio :
Seasons :
Source : OTHER

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