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Koro-sensei Q! (2016)

Spinoff of Ansatsu Kyoushitsu and continuation of the anime film short.

In this world, Koro-sensei is the Demon King while the students of class 3-E are cast as heroes who must defeat him. The students learn swordsmanship and sorcery at Kunugigaoka Magic School. Their strange adventure begins!

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Informasi Anime

Title :Koro-sensei Q! (2016)
Native :殺せんせーQ[クエスト]! (2016)
Romaji :Koro-sensei Q! (2016)
English :Koro Sensei Quest!
Status :,
Genres :, ,
Type :
Rating :68% / 100%
Duration :10 Minutes
Total Eps :12 Episodes
Studio :
Seasons :
Source :MANGA

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