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kiss×sis (TV)

Keita has two older step-sisters, Ako and Riko, but since they aren’t related by blood, they love him in a lustful way. After a mishap at school, Ako and Riko finally confess their love to him. Keita dislikes the thought of seeing them other then brother and sister, but as he tries to enter the same school as his sisters, he slowly becomes attracted to them.

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Note: The first episode was aired as an online preview on Bandai Channel between 25th and 26th of March 2010. The regular broadcast started on April 5.

Informasi Anime

Title :kiss×sis (TV)
Native :kiss×sis (TV)
Romaji :kiss×sis (TV)
English :
Status :,
Genres :, , ,
Type :
Rating :60% / 100%
Duration :24 Minutes
Total Eps :12 Episodes
Studio :,
Seasons :,
Source :MANGA

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