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Idol Memories

46% |

The anime takes place 2035 where virtual reality technology has evolved enough that people can experience world travel and other live event experiences from the comfort of their own home. In this space, idols perform live events for a worldwide audience. As worldwide popularity of idols performing in “VR Rooms” increased, the Kanon Private Academy was established on Beginning Island to train new idols. These idols compete and strive to reach the top of the “World Idol League.” The anime will focus on the six idols who make up two units “StarRing” and “Shadow.”

(Source: Anime News Network)

Informasi Anime

Title :Idol Memories
Native :アイドルメモリーズ
Romaji :Idol Memories
English :
Status :,
Genres :
Type :
Rating :46% / 100%
Duration :26 Minutes
Total Eps :12 Episodes
Studio :,
Seasons :

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