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Hachigatsu no Cinderella Nine

Hachigatsu no Cinderella Nine

55% |

Tsubasa loves baseball so much, she started her high school’s baseball club herself! But passion alone won’t keep a club alive, so it’s up to her to recruit as many all-star players as she can. Some potential recruits have never played before while others have returned to the game thanks to Tsubasa, and together they’ll form a team united in love for the game and their growing friendship. But whether they win or lose, one thing’s for sure: Every game they play together is sure to be a home run!

(Source: Sentai Filmworks)

Informasi Anime

Title : Hachigatsu no Cinderella Nine
Native : 八月のシンデレラナイン
Romaji : Hachigatsu no Cinderella Nine
English : Cinderella Nine
Status : ,
Genres : ,
Type :
Rating : 55% / 100%
Duration : 24 Minutes
Total Eps : 12 Episodes
Studio : , , , ,
Seasons :

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