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City Hunter: Shinjuku Private Eyes

71% |

Ryo Saeba is a sniper and private eye (“sweeper”) based in Tokyo’s Shinjuku Ward, who possesses unrivaled marksmanship and an over-the-top obsession for the opposite sex. He and his partner Kaori Makimura serve as bodyguards and perform other duties for his clients. Their latest client is Ai Shindo, a model who’s being attacked by mysterious people and unknowingly holds the key to a vast city-wide conspiracy.

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Informasi Anime

Title : City Hunter: Shinjuku Private Eyes
Native : シティーハンター 新宿プライベートアイズ
Romaji : City Hunter: Shinjuku Private Eyes
English :
Status : ,
Genres : , ,
Type :
Rating : 71% / 100%
Duration : 100 Minutes
Total Eps : 1 Episodes
Studio : , ,
Seasons :
Source : MANGA

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