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69% |

The year is 0048, and in the wake of the great wars, all forms of entertainment have been banned by the dystopian and iron-gloved rule of the anti-music DES. To combat this threat to intergalactic harmony, a group of bold young women have resurrected the legendary J-Pop band AKB48 and formed an all new Band of Sisters – AKB0048! But these rocking rebels aren’t simply singers! Trained in combat as well as choreography, these striking strike team members are equally at home in concert halls and in the trenches. Under the leadership of the mysterious Sensei Sensei, they’re ready to lay down their lives in order to make the universe a safe place for getting your groove on!

(Source: Sentai Filmworksl)

Informasi Anime

Title : AKB0048
Native : AKB0048
Romaji : AKB0048
English : AKB0048
Status : ,
Genres : , , ,
Type :
Rating : 69% / 100%
Duration : 23 Minutes
Total Eps : 13 Episodes
Studio : , , , , ,
Seasons :

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